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Discharge could either be blood [spotting] or a sexually transmitted infection. Its always best to seek medical advice if unsure.

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Q: What is the brown stuff coming out your Virginia ad iv not long come off your period?
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How do you know what your period looks like?

You will go to use the bathroom and there is brown or red or pink stuff in your underwear or when you wipe you see any of that stuff and it is coming out of your vagina.

What is dark brown dischange?

its brown stuff comming out of the front from your period

When your on your period what is that brown stuff?

It's the old blood.

What is brown stuff before your period?

The brown stuff is known as 'spotting' it is just blood mixing with discharge, it turns brown when it comes in contact with air. This is just the start of your period, you can also get it at other times such as at the end of your period or around ovulation.

What is the brown stuff that comes out when you your period?

Dead blood cells!

There is Brown Stuff coming out of your butt are you Dying?

No, you are either menstruation (if you are a girl) or pooing!

How long will you have that white stuff coming out of your vagina if you have never had your period?

since november

What can you give a dog for earache'?

my dog has floppy ears and brown stuff is coming out of them what could that be

Like if your pee-pie is coming out GUI white stuff is that a sigh that your period is starting?

yes that is a sigh that your period has started

What is brown stuff from caterpillars?

The brown stuff is their feces.

Can you get pregnant if you have unprotected sex one day after your period ends but your still having the weird brown stuff coming out but no red stuff if the guy didn't ejaculate inside you?

The odds are unlikely that you will get pregnant, simply because most women don't ovulate until about a week or so after their period ends, but there's no way of knowing whether you are most women. The withdrawal method isn't a great method of birth control and it certainly doesn't protect against STDs. If you don't want to get pregnant, use a condom. Or don't have sex. If the guy didnt cum inside of you and your spotting, that weird brown stuff is actually the beginning of the blood coming down the uteris to start the period. == The girl can get pregnant: * anytime before her period * anytime during her period * anytime after her period * anytime ... PERIOD This has been proven time and again by the medical community at large. Having sexual relations = getting pregnant ... very simple and very logical.

Am I Starting My Period?

Well... Are you getting brown or yellow creamy stuff in your knickers? Are you feeling cramp in your pelvis? THEN YES