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Q: What is the black carbon and how can it impact human health?
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What is a human impact on a black mamba?

They don't

What are the release dates for Medicinal Cannabis and its Impact on Human Health - 2011?

Medicinal Cannabis and its Impact on Human Health - 2011 was released on: USA: 1 March 2011 (internet)

Which human activity would have the most direct impact on the carbon cycle?

There are a few human activities that would have a direct impact on the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle. Planting trees and other plants is one of these activities.

What impact does air quality have on the human health?

it helps us breath

How would better health care have a positive impact on human behavior?


What will be the most important impact on human health if the ozone layer is reduce?

The most important impact is the UV reaching us. These can alter my DNA's.

What is the environmental impact of Emma Stewart?

She has a carbon footprint, that's it. She's a human being, LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!

What are the health and safety risks of the human breathing rate?

There are quite a few health and safety risk of the human breathing rate. One health risk of breathing too quickly is that you cannot get rid of all of your carbon dioxide.

What is the average amount of carbon monoxide a human body needs?

The average amount of carbon monoxide a human body needs is zero. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that can interfere with the body's ability to transport oxygen, leading to serious health effects or even death. It is important to minimize exposure to carbon monoxide to ensure health and safety.

Does Human Resources use health and safety?

Some workplaces are organized with the health and safety specialists as part of the HR organization and some have them in other organization. Regardless of where they are in the organizational structure, Human Resources and Health and Safety always have aspects of their activities that impact the other.

Does artificial intelligence have a negative impact on human health?

Yes if the robots are hacked by criminals it would be a very big problem

What impact does production of hydrogen gas from coal have on humans?

The production of hydrogen gas from coal can have negative impacts on humans due to the release of toxic gases and pollutants during the process, which can harm respiratory health and contribute to air pollution. Additionally, coal mining for hydrogen production can result in habitat destruction, water contamination, and other environmental hazards that can affect human health indirectly. It is essential to consider these impacts and implement proper safety measures and regulations to minimize risks to human health.