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Just work out and eat good food. ( pork makes you gain whaight ) Hope this is useful :)


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Q: What is the best weightloss tips for over 50 female with sedentary lifestyle?
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What is the best diet for teens who are sedentary?

Teens who are sedentary often need some type of motivation to change their lifestyle and get active, and a diet change can help stimulate this. I would recommend lots of fruits and vegetables to initiate this change.

Will I need bypass surgery?

There are genetic predispositions to heart disease, but most problems are related to lifestyle - a diet high in saturated fats, cholesterol, calories; a sedentary lifestyle; smoking; alcohol consumption; stress. While you have no control over your genetics, you do have control over your lifestyle and can opt for living a healthy one, which is the best path to a healthy heart.

What are the best weight loss exercises if i want to train for 3 hrs per day?

kapalbharti and anulom vilom : these are pranayams for weightloss

Diet options that cost less than average?

I would recommend making an appointment with your family doctor and talking with him/her about your best dieting and exercise options. He/she can give you options that you can get from the grocery store without having to join a weightloss program.

What are the best diet pills for kids?

Check out about the best five active weightloss supplement for adults and kids on the website called when you are on the site search about Full review on resurge once you see the article then scroll down beneath the article to see the link of the top 5 very active weightloss supplement click on there to get any one that you want to try out with a free active coupon code

Best free weightloss apps?

Lose It! is a popular and free weight loss app. Some others include HealthyOut, My Fitness Pal, and Nexercise.

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Lifestyle Concierge!

How longer life expectancy changes the lifestyle of people and how must the government react?

i think the best reason is: if we earn more so we can spend a luxurious lifestyle

When looking to diet and exercise is it better to look at inch loss rather than weight loss?

It is best to look at both because both can give you an indication as to the extent of weightloss.

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