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the best way to treat pus is to wash your hands then get a tissue and press the zit then you get a pin and prick it then you squeeze it a little bit after it all comes out put some zit cream on it

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Normally pustules should be nothing to worry about, most of them do go away of their own but if they are recurrent and appear one after another or simultaneously and nonstop then it could be for a number of reasons: poor hydration, hormonal problems, puberty, some medications, periods and the list is endless. Your dermatologist can prescribe many kinds of topical gels, creams and lotions to initiate a treatment for a pustular outbreak and/or over-the-counter acne-fighting products containing milder strengths of benzoyl peroxide, retinoids and other antimicrobial that might help you control a mild case of pustular breakouts. I can not offer particular advice on a specific product because skins react differently to creams antibiotics. I would suggest a visit to a Skin Care specialist in the salon or a dermatologist for better advice.

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Generally pustules will go away by themselves, but should you feel the need to help treat it, you can use various over the counter acne medication, or soaps / creams / lotions that are made to help bad skin.

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ingrown hair

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Q: What is the best way to treat pus?
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