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First of all don't call it "tonguing a girl" gross.....and girls don't like it when you shove your whole tongue down her throat just use a little of it and don't move it a whole lot because then its like your brushing her teeth with your tongue just do a little tongue and go with it you will understand how she likes it once it starts.

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12y ago
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If she is on her back then up and down, and concentrat on her clit...

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Honestly, there's no way for someone to teach you how to tongue kiss... its just like something you've gotta feel. if you feel it, and the other person does, you are just fine! ;D

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you stick your tongue in the mouth and you use your tongue.

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Q: What is the best way to tongue a girl?
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What is the best way to kiss a girl without using your tongue?

Use your lips.

How do you eat a girl out with a tongue ring?

The same way you did before, except now you have a tongue ring.

What is the best way to tongue?


What is the best way to kiss with tongue?

With another human..preferably also with a tongue.

When a girl you like is with another guy what could you do to make the guy get rejected?

yeah get another girl and kiss her on the first date ! (tongue to tongue) but it HAS to be at night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it will be the best night of your life !

How do you take care your tongue?

Well the best way of taking care of your tongue is to brush it and try not to bite your tongue. My dad is a dentist.

What is the best way to cure a spicy tongue?

Original lucozade works for me pour it into a cup and then hold your Tongue in it..

What is the worlds most best girl name?

The best girl's name in the world is... 'Celice'Awwwwww just rolls off the tongue, such a lovely name :D

What is the best way to lick a girls vagina?

Use your tongue.

What Is the best to pleasure a woman sexually?

It all depends how the girl likes it. I happen to be a girl, and I like it when the guy sucks my clitoris, and sticks his tongue inside of me. My boyfriend goes left and right and up and down too. Try many different ways with her, and stick your tongue hard on her. A good way to say it is: "Lick her as if you are licking an ice cream cone." That's the best. Remember to ask your girl how she likes it.

What is the best way for a woman to satisfy herself without toys?

By using my tongue

Is there a special way to french kiss?

Yes there is. The guy or girl puts there tongue in the other persons mouth and you kiss! Have fun!