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Make sure you do something super romantic !

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Q: What is the best way to give your girlfriend a promise ring please help?
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You are a lesbian and you want to get your girlfriend a promise ring she is more of the butch but you want to do this for her so bad what could you do?

of course you should give it to your girlfriend

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Could you please post below this post and give us further information as to how he treats you so we can give you our best answer. Thank you

Is it bad to give my girlfriend a promise ring?

Not bad, but a promise ring isn't much and a little chicken. I don't know your age or how long you have dated, but if you are over 21 and have been with this girl 2 years or more a promise ring is poor form. If you are serious step up to the plate and give her more than a promise.

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How do you be the best girlfriend he has ever had?

Truthfully at some point or the other all girls wonder how to achieve that task. But the best advice I can give you is to be yourself that way if he is in love with you, you know its the real you he loves and not a 'fake you' you invented to please him.

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What do you say when you give your girlfriend a promise ring?

an engagement ring is a big thing buddy but a promise ring well i don't see what the Jonas brothers have to do with this lol anyways probably say this "i am willing to keep a promise name_______ if i break it then we wont handle our relationship

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A girlfriend can give the boyfriend the best feeling by just being there for him to cuddle at night. -thanks -danlar33

How much time you should give for your girlfriend?

u should give ur girlfriend all the time she needs all the best with ur couple things =)

Some unique ways to give your girlfriend a promise ring for Christmas?

Just give it to her, go for the direct approach, or if you realy want to be unique, just get santa to give it to her. o yea Santa gives it to her real original

What is the best gift to give your girlfriend on her 15 year old birthday?

It really depends on what your girlfriend likes. Earrings? Music?