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a planets

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Q: What is the best way to categorize the body?
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Suppose an astronomer discovers a large, spherical-shaped body orbiting the Sun. The body is composed mostly of rock, and there are no other bodies sharing its orbit.What is the best way to categorize this body?

The answer is (planet)

How does the government categorize body weight status?

Underweight, healthy, and overweight

Would best categorize Canada's population?

concentrated in the south

What is a common way to categorize rice?

Grains Food Category

What is a cast system?

the cast system is a way to categorize the Hindus in india.

What type of interest groups are the ADA and the ACU Why do you categorize them that way?

They are the YOLOers.

What is the best way to get a bikini body?

The best way to get a bikini body is to eat healthy and exercise daily. Make sure that one's body is slim and appealing to men to achieve the dream bikini body.

Is it spelled 'categorize' or 'categorise'?

It's categorize.

How did the Spanish categorize members of society?

the way the spanish teach in there school`s

How can you classify the planets in your solar system?

One way to categorize the solar system's planets?

What is the best way to reach 5000 contributions and become a Silver contributor?

Categorization gives people a lot of contributions quickly. I would start in 'Uncategorized' and give the questions appropriate categories. You should be careful though to only categorize the questions you know the categories for and not falsely categorize something just for the points. Falsely categorizing something is good way to get warnings and possibly be banned.

Why is it difficult to group an illness into one category?

Some illnesses affect many body systems so they are harder to categorize. Usually, there is a single category that works the best. An example is Lupus that can affect any part of your body. It gets put into the autoimmune category.