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There are several things you can do when someone has no repect for you. You can completely ignore their rude comments and behavior and "kill them with kindness," thus, contusing them. Depending on your relationship with the person, you can totally ignore them, not only their rudeness. Or, you could use my mother's favorite line, "You can't insult me -- I have no respect for your opinion."

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Say what you feel, know and think in the nicest way possible. Sometimes people don't actually realize how disrespectful they're being. If nothing goes well, even after that, your basic solution is to simply ignore anything they have to say which is disrespectful. If they ask a disrespectful question, don't answer; a disrespectful comment, don't acknowledge it. Just make sure you're never disrespectful back and that you resist with a smile on your face

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Q: What is the best way of dealing with people who are disrespectful towards you?
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