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Why are you considering taking an iron supplement? Some take iron when they are feeling tired with the hopes that it will increase their energy but iron should be taken only if you have been diagnoised with anemia to bring your iron count up, but once it is in the normal range you should try to eat foods that will help keep it there. Iron supplements should be taken only when necessry as they can cause cancer. If you subscrib to natural cures they have proven that iron supplements have been shown to cause cancer and therefore should be taken with caution but yes if you are anemic you will need iron to bring you within normal range, but then discontinue use, unless otherwise advised by your doctor. Cheyzer

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Ferrous Sulphate Tablets. My aunts diabetic and she takes strong ones. Hope that helps.

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Q: What is the best over the counter iron tablet?
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please e-mail me when done. Judy

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