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There are several medications you can use with a prescription such as Lipitor. The problem is that you have to remain on these medications for the rest of your life. Diet and exercise still remain the best options.

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The surest way to reduce high cholesterol is to have a statin class medication (atorvastatin - Lipitor, simvistatin - Zocor, etc.) prescribed by your physician, in combination with a low cholesterol, low saturated fat diet. Niacin can be quite helpful, as well (but in tolerable doses - which minimizes skin and facial flushing), along with omega-3 fatty acid supplementation (fish oil or prescription Lovaza, or flax seed oil). Some people and doctors prefer using bile acid binding resing (such as cholestyramine).

Eating fish high in omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, etc.) can be helpful, as well. For those adults who are not predisposed to alcohol abuse or dependence, a glass of red wine 5-6 days per week is also beneficial (as wines such as Pinot Noir and Merlot contain resveratrol, which also has been shown to lower cholesterol).

It is worthwhile discussing the above with your physician, if your cholesterol level is above 200, and definitely if it is above the 220-240 range. And it is even more important to have this discussion with your physician if you also have a family history of Heart disease.

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Q: What is the best medication to take if suffering from hdl cholesterol?
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What medication should you take to control your blood cholesterol levels?

meditation should calm your blood cholesterol like monks do in China

What is the best medicine you should take when having a heart problem?

The best medicine that you should take depends on the heart condition that you have. For example, if you have high cholesterol, then you should take lipitor. Aspirin is also a good medication for the heart in general.

What do you take to get some support for your cholesterol?

In order to control your cholesterol, your family doctor may prescribe medication such as Statin to control high cholesterol. You should visit your family doctor for professional advice.

Where can I get information on how to lower cholesterol?

Lowering your cholesterol by diet and exercise alone can work in some cases, but if it's dangerously high, you'll want to follow your doctor's advice and take the cholesterol lowering medication he prescribes. Then you can start the diet and exercise program that may eventually free you from the medication.

Where are some good places to take a cholesterol test in the Atlanta area?

The best places to take a cholesterol test in the city of Atlanta is the medical center. Walgreens is another place that a person can take a cholesterol test.

How can I normalize my triglyceride and hdl cholesterol ratio through diet?

I do not think that it is possible since cholesterol is necessary for your body, and it is not good to try to cut down on it. However maybe you can take some kind of medication.

What time is best to take the medication ALTACE?

you can take it in the morning with breakfast

What do you do to help someone who is suffering from depression?

Take this someone to see the doctor. The doc will describe medication, which will help to lead a normal life.

How do I lower my cholesterol without medication?

Stop using lard, use vegetable oil and bake everything if possible. I lost 40 pounds and do not take cholesterol medicine any more. I eat Chicken and Fish and it worked for me.

must one take medication to successfully lower their cholesterol?

A low-fat diet and exercise can help lower your cholesterol. Obviously there are more holistic approaches to lowering your cholesterol as well. Herbal supplements such as garlic, guggulipid, and red yeast rice some good choices.

Why must you take zocor statin at night?

I think that cholesterol medication is taken at night to breakdown the fats that is absorb from foods that you have eaten during the day.

Is there a cure for high cholesterol?

Most all drugs have the possibility of producing negative effects. I have a fellow professor at the college I teach at that was on lipitor. When they changed his medication, he developed cancerous tumors within the rib cage. However, because the cancer was not genetically produced, they were able to control it. Always weight out the risks involved, and make sure the physician gives you full disclosure on the medication he/she recommends.