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a slipper :)

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Q: What is the best indoor insect killer?
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What is the best indoor protective to avoid dengue and other harmful insects?

electric insect killer

What is the best indoor protective measures to avoid dengue orand other harmful insects is or are?

use of electrical insect killer

What insect killer is the best out of Mortein PeaBeu Raid Baygon and Black and Gold?

There are a great many insect killers. The exact brand that is the best depends on the insect being killed.

do any of the indoor foggers, specifically SPECTRACIDE, work against bed bugs?

Raid Pest Control and Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer are effective in killing the bed bugs

Insect killer machine?

Insect killer machine are a powerful and efficient way to control flying insects in larger spaces

Why indoor plants sticky?

scale insect infestation

What is the best fish in Animal Crossing City Folk?

killer sunfish date:june 5:00am to 10:30pm and best insect is a golden stag

Is there any such thing as an insect killer?

Yes that's what pesticides are for.

How can chili be used as a insect killer?

because of it's pesticides...

Is a killer whale an reptilemammal or a insect?

A Killer Whale, or Orca, is a type of whale. All whales are aquatic mammals, so a Killer Whale is a mammal.

Is use of electrical insect killer the best protective measure against dengue and other harmful insects?

Nope the best way is to find all stagnant water in the surrondings, because that' were they breed

How electric mosquito killer lamp works?

Insect are killed when they are tired flying or takes a pee and lands on the mosquito killer lamp.