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There are many gifts that girls would appreciate. Girls almost always enjoy gifts of jewellery, flowers, or sweets like chocolate as gifts. These things can be found almost anywhere.

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Q: What is the best gift that my girlfriend would appreciate?
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What would be a great gift for you girlfriend at the 5 month marker?

Flowers would be an ideal gift for your girlfriend at the 5 month marker.

What is the best gift to give to your girlfriend?

Your time and attention.

Why would a father be with his sons girlfriend?

there probably planning a gift or maybe your girlfriend is into older men

What is a great gift for a runner?

I would look into getting her some nipguards for uncomfortable nipple chafing. They can be found at Another great gift would be spandex running shorts and tops. I'm sure she will appreciate these gifts, and you might appreciate them as well.

What gift ideas would be good for a girlfriend in her twenties?

A good gift idea to for a girlfriend in her twenties is buying a cheap bracelet. Some other gift ideas for a girlfriend in her twenties are her favorite chocolate, a card, a dress and many more.

What is the best gift to give your girlfriend on her 16 year old birthday?

A car.

What is the best gift for new girlfriend?

A child. More specifically, yours and hers.

What flowers would my girlfriend like for her birthday?

Since it's your girlfriend, you could send her one dozen long stem roses. This gift would be a romantic, thoughtful floral gift for her.

What are some of the best gifts to give your mother on Mother's Day?

The best gift to give depends on who you are giving it to ususally. Some typical gifts are flowers, cards, candy, or homemade gifts that they would appreciate.

Best Gift for your girlfriend's birthday?

Gifts for a girlfriend's birthday, may include flowers or jewelry. The boyfriend could make a homemade gift or make a romantic dinner to celebrate.

What is the best gift to give your girlfriend on her 15 year old birthday?

It really depends on what your girlfriend likes. Earrings? Music?

What would be a good reasonable valentinesday gift idea for a girlfriend?

A good, reasonable Valentine's Day gift idea to give your girlfriend would be a cookie cake. Another idea would be a box of chocolates and her favorite colored rose.

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