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i think a person drink minimum 15 glass of water in one day.

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Q: What is the best estimate of the amount of water a person drinks in one day?
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What drinks have the most amount of water in them?


What might happen to the concentration of water in the body after a person exercises and drinks no water?

If you exercise and drink no water you decrease the amount of water in your body. You become dehydrated. This is not healthy.

What type of drinks have least amount of corn syrup?


What to do if someone drinks soapy water?

Soapy water is not particularly dangerous. If a person drinks enough, it will trigger vomiting. That will solve the problem.

What is the total amount of water that Keisha drinks during the 12 days?

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Whats the maximum amount of water a human can drink?

waterIt depends on how much waste water that person gives out (e.g sweating, urination).the amount of water a human must drink in a day is 2 to 2.5 litres.the amount of water a human can drink in a day is 0 to 20 litres.(it depends)but an average human drinks 3-5 liters

Does amount of food and water help with the amount of alcohol one drinks?

Consuming food and non-alcoholic beverages such as water reduce the rate of alcohol absorption into the bloodstream.

What is the colour of urine when someone drinks too little amount of water?

it would be very orange

Do sports drinks contain alcohol?

They do not, as sports drinks are designed to replenish the water electrolytes that a person has lost, while alcohol does the exact opposite - make you lose water.

If the average person drinks 8 8oz glasses of water per day a person who drinks 12.8 oz of water after a morning exercise session has consumed what fraction of the daily average?

If the average person drinks 8, (8oz) glasses of water per day, a person who drinks 12.8 oz of water after a morning exercise session has consumed what fraction of the daily average?1.) 8 drinks x 8oz = 64 oz per day (daily average)2.) 12.8oz/64oz = .2 oz3.) .2 oz = 2/10= 1/5

What are the recommended diet and exercise plans for beginners?

If you are serious about losing weight, you should start small by gradually reducing the amount of sugars you drink. Drinks such as sodas, pops, and soft drinks contain a more than amiable amount of sugar. Replace these drinks with water.

What are the problems that effect healthy person when person drinks ocean water?

Because there is much more salt in ocean water than in lake, tap or well water, the person will become dehydrated.