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yam(you are mine)

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Q: What is the best callsign girlfriend?
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What is the best callsign for lovers?


How do get global thermonuclear war game type?

Game type or callsign? To get the 'Global Thermonuclear War' callsign, I think you have to use either two or three nukes.

What is the master in chiefs callsign in Halo 3?

Finish the Fight

In cod MW2 why is soaps name soap?

Its not name its callsign

What is the best kind of girlfriend to have?

A girlfriend who listens to you, hopes for the best for you and is looking out for your best interests is the best kind of girlfriend to have. A good girlfriend will also be indepedent and concerned with her own success.

What is N4AC?

It is an amateur radio {ham radio} callsign issued by the FCC.

Witch football player had the best girlfriend?

Luis Figo had the best girlfriend

What was john mcCains call sign in the military?

John McCain's callsign was Playboy.

How do you get unbreakable callsign for mw2?

I am pretty sure you have to deflect 10explosions with blast shield

Why is the Xbox called the Xbox?

because its callsign was a x and the console was the shape of a box

How do you get the title infected in mw2?

Get stabbed by someone who has that title set as his active callsign.

What is the airline code of Kosova Airlines?

ICAO Code: KOSAirline Callsign: KOSOVA