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Many call signs would be perfect for a relationship. Some examples are "in love," "In a relationship," and "All mine."

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Q: What is the best call sign for relationship?
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What is the best call sign for best friends?

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How does one sign up for the telemarketing no call list?

The best thing to do is to sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry. The next best thing is to make sure that the phone number is not sent out to other companies that sell peoples information.

What zodiac sign is Aquarius best with in a relationship?

The best matches are the Libra's, Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Leo.

Can a Gemini male have a relationship with a Scorpio female?

any astrological sign can have a relationship with any other astrological sign.

What was Troutmans call sign in Rambo?

coven leader was his call sign.

What do you do when your friends start pushing you away from your best friend and start following her like a lost puppy and ALWAYS try to be around her?

You should not let your friends affect your relationship with your best friend. It is sometimes a sign they are jealous of your relationship with her and they want what you have.

What do you call a relationship that has two people who go different schools?

You call it a relationship

If a girl ask you for your number is it flirting?

IT depends this girl may just want to call if your friends. If you guys are really good friends this could be a sign saying that she wants to go out with you. It mainly depends on what your current relationship is now if your friends best friends or serious friends.

What do I call my former stepdaughter?

If I were you I would call her by her name, if she has a nickname she likes to be called then that will do, just do your best to keep it casual. As a practical matter, the English language does not have a relationship term for a stepdaughter who is not your stepdaughter any more because of a divorce. If you have a continuing relationship with her, you should feel free to continue to call her your stepdaughter, or even your daughter, depending on how close the relationship is.

What to call my mom's god son?

That particular relationship does not have its own name, although you could conceive of it as a kind of step-brotherhood, but I would suggest that if you have a good relationship with this person, just call him your friend. We call these relationships " coutesy cousins " in my family. Like I call my Mom's best friend Aunt Vivian, but I know we are not related, and call her daughter cousin, as she does me.

What is the name given to the initials that identify a radio station?

Call sign or identifier.

My best friend just ended a relationship and Lost his job He has became depressed When I call him he constantly says he will call me back What should I do?

You should go visit him, it sounds like hes depressed and needs his best friend.