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So, how many of you guys have this problem.

Either when working out, training, or just doing whatever...

But your balls get stuck to your leg, or get jostled in an uncomfortable manner, or etc. I'm sure every guy is familiar with the discomfort issues with testicles.

Anyhow, I was given some pairs of this new underwear.

I got one pair of Bamboo Cotton ones, and a pair of "Performance" ones that are like Underarmor. The interesting thing about them is that they have a pouch, or hammock, for your sack. Which sounds ridiculous at first, but they have these side panel things that keep your balls from touching your leg.

The Performance ones I've been using when I go to Muay Thai and sometimes Jiu-Jitsu as well. I like that my nuts stay in one place and don't bounce around so much, or get into uncomfortable positions when I'm sweating.

The Bamboo ones are the most comfortable underwear I've ever had. They're very soft, and stay cool. I also have a Bamboo Tee by Hayabusa, which is also sick. Bamboo Cotton is the way to go! Anyhow, they're very comfortable, and dramatically cut down on need to put your hands in your pocket and adjust your package, while girls pretend not to notice.

I realize they are not "gear" per se, but if it helps make YOUR "gear" more comfortable during training, I thought it would be a point of interest.

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In my opinion the most comfortable underwear are of Calvin Klien because most of the people wore Calvin Klien Underwear and Calvin Klein Brief underwear are best.

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This is just a matter of personal opinion, there aren't really any brands known to be a lot better than others.

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Q: What is the best brand of underwear for men?
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