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Here are some sings and symptoms of syphilis in the different stages. To know for sure if you have it you should see a doctor and get tested.

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Q: What is the beginning stage of syphilis?
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How to treat Syphilis?

The duration of treatment for syphilis depends on the stage of infection. Early stages require a single injection of penicillin.

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What are the difference between HPV and syphilis?

HPV and syphilis are different infections. Patients with genital warts should be screened for syphilis, though, since second-stage syphilis can also causes wart-like lesions.

Which STD or STI can cause chancres in the first stage and then paralyzed conversions organ failure and the last stage?

syphilis a. p. e. x. :))

Combating Syphilis: An Overview?

Syphilis is a common sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacteria Treponema pallidum. The main form of transmission occurs through sexual contact, though syphilis can also be transferred from the mother to the fetus during pregnancy and birth. Millions of people throughout the world today have contracted syphilis, with rates increasing dramatically within developing countries.Causes and ProgressionBecause syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease, it can be transferred through contact of broken skin and mucous membranes. Additionally, congenital syphilis occurs when a pregnant mother transmits the bacteria to the developing baby. The progression of syphilis can be documented in three stages. During the primary stage, painless sores develop at the site of initial infection, often disappearing in about five weeks. As the sores form, the bacteria collect within the body in an inactive form. In the secondary stage, untreated syphilis manifests in a variety of forms. Common symptoms include red rashes that spread over the body, and wart-like lesions within mucous membranes. It is important to realize that syphilis is extremely contagious during these first two stages. Finally, the tertiary stage is characterized when the bacterial infection spreads throughout the entire body. The bacteria can migrate to the nervous system, brain, heart, and skin. Extensive damage occurs to the points of bacterial migration; the tertiary stage occurs three years after the initial infection.SymptomsBecause syphilis progresses over many years, specific symptoms depend on the stage of syphilis. Common symptoms include painless sores, swollen lymph nodes, fever, rashes, and aches. Tertiary stage symptoms include problems to the heart, brain, and nervous system.TreatmentSyphilis can be effectively treated and cured if detected during the initial, early stages of infection. Antibiotics such as penicillin remain as the most effective treatment plan to combat syphilis. After initial treatment, blood tests must be conducted for the next two years to ensure the complete eradication of the syphilis bacteria. However, syphilis is very hard to treat when it reaches the tertiary stage. Further antibiotic treatment plans will limit further syphilis progression, but cannot undo the damage the bacteria have already done. Hence, late-stage syphilis may result in long-term health problems in numerous body systems. Constant therapy will be required to treat the body's long-term issues.

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What is compound 606?

Compound 606 is also known as Salvarsan. It is a drug that was introduced at the beginning of the 1910's as a treatment for syphilis.

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Can STDs have mental effects?

Late-stage syphilis and late-stage HIV can affect the brain. Any STD, however, may cause anxiety or sadness, particularly if the affected person did not believe themself to be at risk.

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