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Q: What is the bad effects of wind?
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How do wind erosion effect soil?

Wind Erosion effects the soil really really bad it blows away plants and can damage the sand,

What is the effects of ice wind and rain on rocks called?

The effects of ice wind and rain on rocks is called erosion.

What are the bad effects of onanism?

There are no bad physical effects of masturbation.

Why is wind bad?

cause its cold with wind

Bad effects of burning woods?

the bad effects of wood to people

What are the bad effects of camera?

If you think rationally there are no bad effects of camera.

What are some bad facts about wind?

wind smells like the wind

What is an aeolian environment?

An aeolian environment is one dominated by wind or the effects of wind or by wind-borne sediment.

What are the effects of wind and temperature on the human skin called?

Wind Chill Factor

What are the negative effects of wind?

they kill children

What effects does wind have on the environment?

Actually, wind creates a cooler environment by decreasing the temperature.

A measure of cooling combining the effects of temperature and wind speed?

wind-chill factor