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te average for a 14-15 year old on a peak flow meter is 800.

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Q: What is the average peak flow reading of a 14 year old teenager?
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Why is your peak flow reading 250?

because that is what the peak flow meter reads after you have blown into it

What is the average Peak Flow reading for a 10 year old girl is 100 to 150 ok?

The average is 350 but my daughter got 230.

What is the average peak flow reading of a 15 year old?

my name is Emily Rose i go Ashton on mersey school What is your name?

Does smoking effect your peak flow?

smoking affcets the peak flow reading, as the lung performance is affcetd by the high level of mucus on the lungs and airways, when breathing.

How do you calculate peak flow?

Use those speacial reading graphs You should have a hydrograph to look at. Look at the curve on this graph, the highest point on this curve is the peak flow. It cannot be calculated, just read off a graph. Peak Flow = Tidal Volume x 60 / I-time

What if your peak flow reading is 300 you are 53 how bad is this?

i regret to inform you that you may have cancer consider seeing your gp as i am worried for you man GOOD LUCK

Where can one purchase a peak flow meter?

There are many places to purchase peak flow meters. Peak flow meters are used for asthma patients and can usually be found locally at a drugstore or mass retailer.

How is peak flow affected by a heart attack?

Peak flow is interrupted by heart attack. Peak flow is realized when all systems are go, the action of the unimpeded vessels and the blood being pumped by the heart. When the heart stops as in an attack, this flow is greatly diminished. The injured heart may never again regain the peak flow.

How the peak flow in your body is measured?

With a peak flow meter. Normally you need a prescription from your doctor in order to receive one.

How can you improve your peak flow?

you dont.

When do you measure peak flow?


What should the average peak flow of a teenage girl be?

It completely depends on your height, weight, how much sport you do etc.. but especially height.

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