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25 billion years

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Q: What is the average life expectancy for 300 BC?
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What was life expectancy in Middle East in 100 BC?

Mid 30's would have been considered old

How old are the Greeks?

The average Greek has a long life expectancy. Male: 76.32 years Female: 81.65 years Total population: 78.89 years the greek history began around 750 bc

Which of the forms of literature conveyed a sense of nature and country life in the 300 bc?

pastoral poetry...

What were the conditions in Jamestown during 300 BC?

Jamestown did not exist during 300 BC.

How long did the ancient egyptians live?

not that long considering the diseases in Egypt.

When was the memory card invented?

We inveted it today on 11/5/09

Was there a year 300?

There were two:- 300 BC (Before Christ) 300 AD (Anno Domini)

Which early American civilization is the oldest?

The Olmec. 1500 BC-300 BC

When was Euclid the mathematician?

Around 300 BC

What was china called in 300 BC?


Which dynasty created the umbrella?

In 300 bc

Who lived during 300 BC?