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Q: What is the average heartbeats in an average humans life?
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How any beats in cheetah heart?

The general (and very rough) rule of thumb is that a mammal's natural life span is usually about a billion heartbeats. Humans are an exception; we live about 2 billion heartbeats.

Which has more heartbeats in a lifetime an elephant or a human?


What is the average heartbeats per min?

The average persons heart beats 72 times per min

How many times would your heart beat a week?

For typical adults, their heart beats at an average time of 60 beats a minute. A day has 1440 minutes. Since there are 7 days a week, there will be 10080 minutes. 1 hour - 60 minutes 60 minutes x 24 hours = 1440 minutes 1440 minutes x 7 days = 10080 minutes About 60 heartbeats per minute 10080 minutes x 60 heartbeats = 604800 heartbeats Conclusion: An adult's average heartbeats is 604800 heartbeats.

How long is an average humans life?

80-90 years of age (:

Is there a limit of heartbeats?

Yes, your heart DOES have a Limit of heartbeats. Average, a Human heart has a life heartbeat around 2.21 billions bearts before its "empty". The Heart is like a battery, a very good battery since it can keep you up for average 70years. When you're active, you use your heartbeats more, but in the end effect, you save them too. A Normal (not active) person have around 60 beats pr. minute when relaxing. If you're active, you have more control of your heart rate, and your heart rate will be around 50 when you relax. Hope this helped you!

Why do humans have heartbeats?

To pump blood through the human body. because when ur heart beats it pumps blood into ur veins

What do you use to listen to heartbeats?

To listen to heartbeats stethoscope.

What is the average number of heartbeats in a minute des a cat have?

Anywhere between 140-220 is considered normal and healthy

Why is the relationship between a humans pregnancy length and average life span different from those of other animals?

The relationship between a humans pregnancy length and average life span is not so different than other mammals. It appears to be closely related to size.

When was Heartbeats Accelerating created?

Heartbeats Accelerating was created in 1989.

How long does an organism live?

If it's a mammal ... about 2 billion heartbeats (with the exception of humans, who tend to live quite a bit longer than that).