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It is hard to give an exact number for this as it can vary widely depending on your age, level of insurance, and pre-existing conditions. The best place to get exact figures for your situation would be to visit local insurance agencies.

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The average cost of private health care insurance depends on the country one is living in. In the US, the average cost paid by employees annually is about $4,130 and employers pay about $11,000. These are rounded up amounts.

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Q: What is the average cost of private health care insurance?
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What is the average cost of family medical insurance?

The average cost of family medical insurance in the United States is about $1000 per month. Most other countries do not need private health insurance because the have health care from their governments.

Which of these types of health insurance can you buy through a private insurance company?

a managed health care plan

What are the benefits from private health insurance?

Private health care gives patients options for coverage and a choice of physicians. Patients can choose their preferred hospital or clinic with private health care.

Where can one find information about private health care insurance?

There are many places where you can find inforamtion about private health care insurance. You can go directly to an insurer or you can look at price comparison sites and look for the best deal that suits your need.

What are some of the Private Health Insurance policies available from Bupa?

"Bupa offers company health cash plans, business health insurance, dental insurance, business travel insurance, and business health assessments. They have a wide variety of plans within those categories."

Do the proposed health care bills require you to drop your private insurance after 5 years?

No, you can keep your insurance.

What is health care bill about?

Health care bill is the amount reserved for health care policies by the government usually in the form of public sector insurance programs or private sector insurance companies. The purpose is to provide improved quality of health care in low cost.

What is private health care system?

A private health care system is a medical system run independently from the State funded either by personal out of pocket payments or an individuals medical insurance.

What are three sources of financing for a health care organization?

Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance

Is Obama Health taking over BIA health care?

By "Obama Health," I assume you mean, health insurance reform. The government will not be taking over any private insurance provider as a result of health insurance reform.

What options are available for private health care in the UK?

The options that are available for private health care in the UK include Dental Cover, Psychiatric Cover, Specialist Consultations, Diagnostic tests, Cancer Cover, which are covered in the private health insurance plans.

What does catastrophic insurance cover?

Catastrophic insurance is a type of health insurance that covers only big health care expenses. Catastrophic health insurance policies have lower-than-average premiums and higher-than-average deductibles.