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Intubation should only be done by health pro's, so if you have to find out in this place, you're better off not doing it...

But basically, when the patient is under narcosis, start with a basic chin lift with hyperextension of the neck (don't overdo it either) while providing lots of oxigen so the saturation is good. You are obviously standing at the patients head, with your stomach against the top of their heads. Take a laryngoscope in your right hand, slip it inside the mouth on the left side of the tongue. Carefully lift the laryngoscope so you can see inside. Now pull back the laryngoscope until the larynx falls into view, then you push it forward just a little bit to secure it. Now insert the tube,retract the laryngoscope and inject 10cc of air into the balloon to fix the tube and avoid leakage. Check the position by auscultating BOTH lungs.

remember: - you have time, don't rush things. - Don't force anything! be carefull not to break any teeth, or damage mucosae. - Check BOTH lungs afterwards.

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suction during withdrawal for no longer that 0 seconds

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Q: What is the appropriate procedure for endotracheal tube suctioning?
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How do you determine the size of the endotracheal tube?

The size of an endotracheal tube is typically determined based on the patient's age, weight, and gender. Guidelines and formulas are used to calculate the appropriate size to ensure a proper fit and safe ventilation. Factors such as anatomical differences and clinical status are also considered when selecting the appropriate size tube.

What is the removal of a endotracheal tube called?

The removal of an endotracheal tube is called extubation. It is a procedure performed once a patient no longer requires mechanical ventilation and is able to breathe on their own. It is done carefully to prevent complications such as airway obstruction or respiratory distress.

What does endotracheal mean in medical terminology?

Endotracheal refers to a procedure where a tube is passed through the mouth or nose into the trachea to help with breathing. It is commonly done during surgery or in emergency situations to ensure proper oxygen delivery to the lungs.

What instrument is used to insert the endotracheal tube into thr larynx and trachea?

A laryngoscope is used for endotracheal intubation

How do you prevent occlusion of the tracheostomy tube?

suctioning and routine weekly tracheostomy tube changes.

What is the medical term meaning insertion of a tube for air or dilation?

It is called endotracheal intubation

What steps are taken during a mediastinoscopy?

The procedure involves insertion of an endotracheal (within the trachea) tube, followed by a small incision in the chest. A mediastinoscope is inserted through the incision.

Indications And Contraindications from insertion of oropharyngeal airway?

Indications include airway maintenance, airway suctioning, and preventing biting of an endotracheal tube. These are almost always used in unconscious patients. Contraindications include a conscious patient, a foreign object blocking the airway, and a present gag reflex.

What are the hazards of the endotracheal tube?

it can increase your risk of contracting AIDS

Would Endotracheal Tube decrease dead space?


Traumatic nasogastric or endotracheal intubation?

DefinitionTraumatic nasogastric or endotracheal intubation involves putting a tube through the nose into the trachea (airway) or into the stomach.Nasogastric tube placement is done to remove excess air, fluid, food, drugs, or poison from the stomach, or to deliver nutrients or drugs into the stomach. Endotracheal tube placement is done to maintain breathing or prevent aspiration (inhaling) of food into the airway.The term traumatic refers to tissue irritation or damage that occurs as a result of the procedure. Other complications may result if either type of tube is placed incorrectly.

What is an inserted tube that assists with breathing?

It is a tube (also called a siphon) used for breathing underwater by the larval young of some insects.*The term may also be applied to an endotracheal tube(ETT) used in human medical treatment.