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The answer is a Sedentary lifestyle. I JUST did this question for my health homework. lol

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Q: What is the answer to people whose lives include little physical activity that can be described as?
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What is sedentary work?

Requiring sitting most of the time and/or little physical activity or no physical activity.

Name the term for an inactive lifestyle that involves little physical activity and a lot of sitting?

This is a sedentary lifestyle.

Can you lose weight by only dieting?

Of course! But it would help if you threw a little physical activity (aka exercise) in there. ;)

What is the type of exercise that intense physical activity that requires little oxygen but involves short bursts of energy?


Why are you bleeding so little this cycle?

Could be many factors: stress, physical activity, hormones or diet. Or a combination. Do not worry.

What are physical activities that can be completed with little or no special equipment?

Physical activitys that can be completed with little or no special equipment, includes:walkingrunningjogginghikingbicycle ridingjumping ropeisometric exercisewrestling

Which group of people in colonial north Carolina owned plantations slaves and luxurious while living a comfortable that requared little physical activity?

small farmers

What does senentary mean?

That is not a word. If you meant 'sedentary', it means requiring little physical activity, such as a job that requires you to sit down all day. It also means someone who leads an inactive lifestyle with little or no exercise.

What are the signs of an 11 year old first period?

1. Less physical activity 2. Less swimming 3. A little more mature 4. Sometimes grumpy

What are boredom busters?

Any stupid activity that can make you feel a little less bored. These can include things like twidling your thumbs, cracking your knuckles and logic puzzles.

Where can one find a store that sells the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe toy?

There are several different online and physical stores that sell the Little Tikes Cozy Coup toy. Some of these stores include online retailers such as Amazon and physical retailers such as Toys R'Us.

How does someone develop diabetes?

Diabetes may be genetic and or hereditary.You can also get diabetes from poor eating habits, and little to no physical activity. If your family has a history of diabetes, there may be nothing you can do to stop it.