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Art therapy can be used with any age group from young children to the elderly.

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Q: What is the age range in art therapy?
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What has the author Bruce L Moon written?

Bruce L. Moon has written: 'Existential art therapy' -- subject(s): Art therapy, Existential psychotherapy, Existentialism 'The dynamics of art as therapy with adolescents' -- subject(s): Art therapy for teenagers 'Art and Soul' -- subject(s): Art therapy, Soul 'The dynamics of art as therapy with adolescents' -- subject(s): Art therapy for teenagers

What has the author Helen B Landgarten written?

Helen B. Landgarten has written: 'Clinical art therapy' -- subject(s): Art therapy 'Family art psychotherapy' -- subject(s): Art therapy, Family Therapy, Family psychotherapy, Methods

How do I get an art therapy certification?

If you want to get an art therapy certification, for a start, you need to go to Art Therapy Credentials Board, Inc. For more detail, you may contact them at 336.482.2856.

Where can a kid's art desk be bought?

An art desk for a child can be purchased from a range of places but the desk purchased will depend on the age of the child. Amazon sell a range of art desks for different aged children.

What type of education do I need in order to practice art therapy?

You need to get special training in art therapy to practice art therapy. You can learn about qualifications, training and registration at

Where can I find an art therapy degree?

Art therapy degrees can be found in art therapy schools or any school that offers this sort of degree. One has to look through the courses offered and it will be clear if its there or not.

What is the purpose of art therapy?

Art therapy provides the client-artist with critical insight into emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

What materials are used in art therapy?

The supplies used in art therapy are limited only by the artist's (and/or therapist's) imagination.

If you want to study art therapy do you have to study art first?

Your background should be in two fields, art and psychology. I got a B.S. in Art Education and am now going on to get my masters in art therapy. Any classes you can take in art or psychology will be useful. also with art therapy it is best to have experience in a variety of mediums.

Can you get a major in art therapy and a minor in music therapy?

You may be able to do this, but you will not be able to practice as a music therapist. Also, you need a masters degree in art therapy to practice art therapy. I recommend talking to a professor at the schools you are looking at. They will be able to specifically advise you what to do.

Where is the nearest Art Therapy training in Arizona?

There are nearly 41 art therapy schools in arizona check out the following links for the details

What education do you need for art therapy?

a master's degree in art therapy. usually your bachelor's would be in fine arts or psychology.