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now a days the age group with the most smokers is from ages 14 through 21

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The age that is high for smoking is teenagers.

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Q: What is the age group in us for high smoking?
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What is the smoking age in the US?

There is no federal smoking age. The age to buy cigarettes in the U.S. is 18. However, the age to smoke cigarettes is set by the state you are in and not by federal government. It ranges from 18-19.

What age do people in England start smoking?

The average age in the US is 13, imagine it's similar in the UK.

What is the richest age group in the US?


How old do you have to be to buy some blunt wraps?

you need to be 19 in Canada and 21 in the US. Each have to do with the legal age for smoking tobacco. And i really hope that you dont plan on getting your dog high.

How old do you have to be to smoke shisha in the US?

Any american can smoke hookah. There are no laws in this country banning this substance. You have to be 18 to smoke shisha in a hookah bar, but if you purchase your own you cannot be convicted for smoking or being in possesion of this substance

What percentage in the us are teens sexual active?

Approximately 45% of high school students in the US have had sexual intercourse. This number can vary depending on the specific age group and demographic factors.

What age group in US has the largest percentage of its members living in poverty?


What is the smoking age in Pennsylvania?

Federal Law regulates the use of tobacco products, and sets the age at 18 years old. This regulation is universal throughout all US States and Territories as is the drinking age of 21.

How did the war effect life in the US?

Just a few questions: * Which war? * Which areas of the US? * Which age group, economic group, etc.? * Who's lives effected and how were they effected?

When did tobacco use by minors become illegal in the US?

In the United Kingdom the legal smoking age became age 18 on October 7th 2007. The law also applies to smoking accessories such as lighters.

What is the passive voice for the sentence 'we prohibit smoking'?

smoking is prohibited by us

Who is the fastest woman in the US in the 70 year old age group?

As of 2021, Barbara Warren holds the fastest time in the 70-year-old age group for women in the United States.