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Gold Bond powder is a Skin Care product that is available over-the-counter. The active ingredients in Gold Bond are zinc oxide and menthol. Menthol is for itch relief and zinc oxide is meant as a skin protectant.

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Q: What is the active ingredient in Gold Bond powder?
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Does gold bond powder expire?

Does the medicated powder expire?

Does gold bond powder cure ring worm?

No there is no medication in Gold Bond powder. You need an anti-fungal cream like clotrimazole.

What is a Remedy for anal rash?

gold bond powder

Does gold bond medicated powder help shingles?

You can use Gold Bond on shingles to help relieve the itch. It is not to be considered a treatment for shingles though.

Is there anything like works like Gold Bond powder that doesn't smell so horribly?

baby powder

What is Gold Bond Fine Beverages?

Gold Bond fine beverages is actually any high end beverage with an added helping of gold bond medicated powder (or cream depending on you preferences) to help in the prevention of athletes tongue. JSD

What is gold bond powder?

Protein powder that is added with water to drink.usually people who use it are body comes with four flavours chocolate vanilla , strawberry and Vanilla.

Is gold powder still a solid?

The gold powder is also a solid.

Is it normal for a boy to get annoyed by his testicles in gym class?

Haha yes. If they're itchy, try using Gold Bond medicated powder or lotion.

What is gold bond?

There are several alternatives to what Gold Bond is: 1. A powder and ointment used available for chaffing and itching. 2. A form of currency representing gold. It could be exchanged for actual cold coins at the bank. 3. A premium given at gas stations and stores in the form of stamps. Full books could be exchanged for merchandise.

What kind of bond is found in gold?

If it is pure gold, then the bond is a metallic one.

What can be done about your scrotum itching?

You could go pick up nystatin powder or get over the counter cream for eliminating most of this medicated gold bond might help