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Q: What is the action that can be harmful to you and others?
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Is viruses harmful?

Yes, but some viruses are more harmful than others.

How are lies of others harmful?

they can hurt you or others because of the spread of gossip

What are the demerits of using pesticides?

it is very harmful to others

What does aggresive mean?

Aggressive refers to behavior that is forceful, pushy, or assertive in a way that can be harmful or intimidating to others. It often involves a lack of consideration for the feelings or well-being of others.

What is the meaning of maleficent?

Doing evil to others; harmful; mischievous.

What is a harmful question?

A harmful question is something that can be hurtful to you or others around you so be carful what you say next time . .

What does conspiratorily mean?

"Conspiratorily" refers to an action or behavior that involves conspiring or plotting in secret with others to commit an illegal or harmful act. It typically implies secretive and covert collaboration between individuals for a nefarious purpose.

What do you call a person who is very harmful to others?

Neglectful , abusive, armed,

Is action replay DS harmful to the memory?

Yea it is, it can also cause errors on your DS. No.

Is tobacco snuffing harmful to health or not since some say it is not and others say it is and yr opinion?

Tobacco in any form is harmful to health.

Are acids harmful to your skin?

Some are, others... not so much. You should treat all acids as if they were harmful unless and until you know better.

Are prokaryotes harmful to humans?

Some prokaryotes can be harmful to humans by causing infectious diseases, while others are beneficial and essential for processes like digestion. It is important to note that not all prokaryotes are harmful.