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anti coagulant

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Q: What is the action of tablet ecosprin?
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What is the difference between aspirin and ecosprin?

There is no difference. Ecosprin is aspirin.

What is ecosprin?

Ecosprin is an analgesic combination, prescribed for moderate to severe pain. The drug is manufactured by USV Ltd in 75-milligram tablets. The main ingredient in Ecosprin is aspirin.

Does ecosprin cause gastric ulcers?

YES ! It does.

Do you stop ecosprin before a root canal?


Is Clopidogrel better than Ecosprin which of the 2 is better?

Depends upon how serious your cardio situation is. Is Ecosprin simply aspirin? If so the two elements might be used together by your cardiologist.

Does daily consumption of ecosprin cause constipation?

Some types of salicylate drugs like ecosprin can cause constipation. The best way to counteract this side effect is to drink plenty of water through the day.

Why ecosprin av 150 is prescribed for LRTI?

It might not have been prescribed for your LRTI. Are you aged and have an abnormal lipid profile? or you had undergone a heart procedure? This might have been the reason for prescribing Ecosprin AV 150mg.

What is the action of tablet duoluton l?

koi thik sai batao

Which homeopathic medicine for instead of Ecosprin?

Ecosprin is aspirin 75 mg and is used for variety of purpose such as anti-platelet agent, blood thinner, etc For it's use as blood thinner in homeopathy, we have a remedy by the name 'platinum Mettalica'

What is the importance of ecosprin 75 BEFORE pregnancy?

Ecosprin 75 is used to prevent venous thromboembolism (VTA) or blood clots. This medicine helps to decrease the chance of placenta related complications. Before pregnancy it helps to increase blood flow to the uterus.

What is the importance of ecosprin?

ecosprin contains aspirin its a best painkiller aften used in cardiac problems another importnt thing is it is an anti coagulent i.e stops blood frome cloating.this property is helpfull in certain heart diseases caused bye clotting of blood heart attack,

What purpose Ecosprin Gold is prescibed by Doctors?

ecospringold is for acs /stroke patients.normally it can give on secodary prevention to prevent.