What is the act of urination?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is the act of urination?
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What is the difference between constant urination and frequent urination?

The difference between constant urination and frequent urination is that with constant urination one is always feeling the need to urinate. With frequent urination one needs to urinate often but not all the time.

Urination is also know as voiding or?

Urination is known as voiding or micturition.

Can gallstones interfere with urination?

No. Your gall bladder is in the liver and it has nothing to do with urination.

The act of expelling urine from bladder is called?

I believe it is called "micturition". -JS yes it is micturition..... double checked in medical dictionary thanks -JS from mzippa

Why do we refer urination as pee?

Pee is "short" for piss, an older term for urination.

You have frequent urination after stopping diuretics what can be the cause?

frequent urination after stopping hydrochlorithiazide

What is polyuria?

Polyuria is excessive urination

What is frequent urination in Tagalog language?

Tagalog translation of frequent urination: madalas na pag-ihi frequent- madalas urination - pag-ihi

What are symptoms of urinary tract problems?

Symptoms of urinary tract problems include frequent urination, excessive urination at night, painful or burning urination, weak urination, blood in the urine, or incontinence (involuntary loss of urine).

Is the excretion process under voluntary control?

The example of the processes which is under voluntary control are urination and defecation. Voluntary control is an act that is normally controlled by an individualâ??s will.

What receptors are stimulated during urination?

Nerve receptors are stimulated during urination. This stimulation occurs when the walls of the bladder contract and the urination reflex is automatically activated.

Can trichomoniasis cause painful urination?

Yes; pain during urination is a symptom of chlamydia.