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what is meant distribution of the medication

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Q: What is the absorption with regards to medicine taken orally?
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What does activity mean regards to medication taken orally?

what does activity mean regards to medication

What drugs have been taken orally and recently an effort should to blank to prevent absorption?


When drugs have been taken orally and recently an what type of effort should be made to prevent absorption?

Hola ka ka.

When drugs have been taken orally and recently an effort should be made to blank to prevent absorption?

empty the stomach!!i do novanet too!

Can cortisol be taken orally?

Yes. It can be taken orally if prescribed in that way.

Can Penicillin G Procaine which is intended for intramuscular injection be taken orally?

Procaine penicillin is designed to delay the absorption of drug. So that effective level persists for twenty four hours. It should not be taken orally. You can take benzyl penicillin or crystalline penicillin orally, which again is destroyed by gastric juice and partially absorbed.

Is suspension taken orally?

Suspension is always in a liquid form and can be taken orally

What does the word Oral mean?

Orally means " via the mouth "If medicine is taken orally, it is taken in through the mouth.Oral means mouth. Oral sex means sex using the mouth.

Is cough syrup a mixture?

Yes. Cough syrups mix medicinal chemicals and other substances to create the orally taken medicine.

Can you take essential oils orally?

Essential oils can be taken orally under certain circumstances, although some should never be taken internally. There are a few you can incorporate into your cooking or take in a capsule or beverage. Also, taking essential oils internally is usually the least effective method of absorption.

What is a good sentence for the word orally?

Those aspirins are meant to be taken orally.

Can intravenous morphine be take orally?

Morphine can be taken either orally or intravenously.

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