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SOB is the abbreviation for "shortness of breath."

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Q: What is the abbreviation for a type of dyspnea or difficulty breathing?
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What are some modern treaments for people that have difficulty breathing?

Many it depends on the type of illness.Medicines,inhalers,nebulisation,oxygen,respiratory assistance and so on...

What type pf symptoms can a casualty display after being stung by a marine animal?

A. vomiting and difficulty breathing AND B. shock, muscular cramping, and nausea

What are the symptoms of chemical exposure?

It really depends on what type of chemical, but some common symptoms could be skin irritation, burning eyes, feeling faint, or difficulty breathing.

What type of agent would cause drooling and coughing and vomiting after a mysterious gas was released in a bus terminal?

A nerve agent would cause drooling, breathing difficulty, and vomiting.

Multiple patients have been admitted to the emergency room experiencing shortness of breath difficulty breathing vomiting abnormally low blood pressure and laryngeal spasms What type of chemical?


What is the abbreviation of syllable?

The abbreviation I think for syllable is syll is that correct?

Why is diaphragmatic breathing contraindicated with diabetes and kidney disease?

Diaphragmatic breathing is common type of breathing. You can not advice the patient not to have such type of breathing. He is bound to go for the same in at least during sleep.

What type of symptoms can a casualty display after being a stung by a marine animal?

Swelling and pain at the sting site Muscular cramping Nausea or vomiting Difficulty breathing Other symptoms of shock: fast pulse, clammy skin, dizziness, unconsciousness

What if you get battery stuff in your mouth?

It depends on the type of battery, and the amount that is ingested. With a normal alkaline battery, symptoms of poisoning include severe pain in the mouth, throat, and stomach, and swelling in the throat leading to difficulty breathing.

What is the Purpose of deep breathing and coughing exercises?

Type of breathing exercises

What does the medical abbreviation eosino mean?

Eosino is an abbreviation for eosinophils, a type of white blood cell.

How does one type milliliters cubed as an abbreviation?

cu. ml. ... is the usual abbreviation of cubic millilitres.