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I tried looking up several weight classes and what the max bench was. The only things I found was a 165 lbs man bench pressed 405 lbs. The most I could find for 155lbs was 260lbs but that has to be a mistake cause I weigh 154lbs and bench 315 lbs 3 days ago.

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Q: What is the 155 pound power lifting class bench press world record?
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What is the world record for decline press?

The world record for decline press bench press is 1,102 pounds held by Julius Maddox.

What is the highest weight ever bench pressed?

1075 lbs (488,64 kg) This was done by Ryan Kennelly in 2008.

How much should a 121 pound 15 year old bench?

Three fifty should be pretty easy for a 15 year old male. Pump it up buddy and keep on lifting!

Who holds the state bench press record in Virginia for 18 19 yeard old 181 pound and under?

John Krauss 365 pounds

How much weight should a 70 pound 13-year-old be safely lifting?

For you, maybe 30 at the most if your really lucky.Don't listen to other people because they say im 12 and can bench 120, there lying, its easy to do. THey can't even bench 20 for that matter.

How much does bob sanders bench press?

Bob Sanders can bench 332-pound bench press

Is lifting a 1 pound weight use the same amount of muscles lifting a 20 pound weight?

im only 13 but im pretty sure u use the same muscles just not as much but again i dont know my dad tells me lift this up and i do so im happy at 13 i bench 150 at a set of 6 and i weigh 150:)

How much pound should a 16 year lift?

a 16 year old should be lifting in his bench press around 150 and 200 pounds, if you bench within these numbers than your in pretty good shape. But if were talking about squating it should be around 200 threw 250 pounds , but most 16 year olds barely squat as much as bench.

What is the bench press record for a 130 pound youth?

OK this is my first question I am answering but honestly i rarely ever see anyone 130 bench over 200 pounds but some short people such as myself can bench 250 pounds and weigh 132 pounds. i am sure there are people in this world able to bench 300 weighing in at 130 or so.

Is a 315 pound bench press good for a 50 year old male?

it will depend on what kind of bench it is :P

Who is the world's strongest teenager?

Cornelius Rashard Henderson, a sophomore at Duncanville High School, is the strongest 16 year old in the world. His upper body strength is superb with an outstanding 360 pound raw bench press.

How much can the world strongest man bench?

The strongest man in the world is Brian hollis and he bench presses 2 and a half a pound