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Q: What is tendency to pay close attention to information that is either received first or last?
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The psychological process that leads to a tendency to pay close attention to information that is received either first or last is called .?

The psychological process you are referring to is called the primacy-recency effect. This effect describes the tendency for individuals to remember information that is presented at the beginning (primacy effect) or end (recency effect) of a list better than information presented in the middle.

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Afghan Hounds are sight animals, tendency to chase what ever moves and captures their attention, they need to be taught to not chase small animals such as smaller dogs, squirrels, birds, cats. Attention to moves, they are fast 55-65 miles per hour, either, jumpers, diggers.

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It means a person who should/does get attention either in a positive or negative way.

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it is a noble gas, it doesn't do either one

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Projective Listening is very common to us. We, the listeners absorb the information according to our own view or perspective. In other words, broader view of the listener is either ignored or given less attention.

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This is a word either by itself or within the sentence that exclaims or commands attention.?


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blah blah coon

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