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Q: What is tendency to pay close attention to information that is either received first or last?
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When you just met a boy and he is mean to you and nobody eles what does tht mean?

He is wanting your attention , its your choice weather to give the attention or not . If you choose to he might get interessted in you , or if you dont he might either keep trying or not bother

What does it means when your crush stares at you across a crowed room full of women?

They are either, interested in you, trying to get your attention or there might be a little malfunction in your wardrobe if you catch my meaning.

What does that mean if your guy friend says ahem when you are talking to someone and looks at you and smiles when you pay attention to him?

If that boy is talking to some persons crush they will most likely go ahem and smile that way you can't be crushed on from the girl he likes! Or he is jealous of that person stealing the attention and he's gay or a close friend!

What makes someone gay?

Someone is gay because that is the way he/she is born, one does not "become" gayThere isn't really a straight answer to this question. some people might say that bad experiences from someone of the opposite sex has 'turned them gay', but that's utter bullsh*t. You can't 'make yourself gay', you're either born with a homosexual tendency, or you're born straight, or indeed you're born with a bisexual tendency. But yeah, nothing can 'make' a person gay, they choose to be their sexuality. :)

What does it mean if a girl blows on your neck in school?

It means that she either hates you and is trying to get something off your shoulder or It means she likes you and she's trying to get your attention by being flirty. There's a good chance that it'd the second one.

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Are Afghan Hounds friendly to other animals such as cats?

Afghan Hounds are sight animals, tendency to chase what ever moves and captures their attention, they need to be taught to not chase small animals such as smaller dogs, squirrels, birds, cats. Attention to moves, they are fast 55-65 miles per hour, either, jumpers, diggers.

What does worthy of attention mean?

It means a person who should/does get attention either in a positive or negative way.

Why do cats howl?

either to get attention or they are mating or something

Does xenon have the tendency to lose or gain electrons in reactions?

it is a noble gas, it doesn't do either one

Where can one find information on the new GI bill?

"Information can be received through the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs either online, over the phone or by mail through the United States Post Office."

Why is your kitten crying?

Probably because either it wants attention or its hungry.

Why are advertisements not always successful?

They are either boring or do not catch peoples attention

What is one purpose getting feedback?

Feedback is a means to make corrections and to adjust output based on information received. It might be feedback from a machine or from a person. Either way, the information returned can be used to improve, guide and correct actions.

How can you tell if a man isn't interested in you?

They either don't pay attention to you or avoid you.

This is a word either by itself or within the sentence that exclaims or commands attention.?


What is projective listening?

Projective Listening is very common to us. We, the listeners absorb the information according to our own view or perspective. In other words, broader view of the listener is either ignored or given less attention.

Koontz has been critized for his tendency to moralize heavily citing from the text. either support or refute this assertion?

blah blah coon

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