What is tailored promotion?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Optimizing Retail Promotion Planning and ExecutionCollaboration, Planning, Optimization, Forecasting, Advertising, Monitoring, Execution and Measurement

Join Ben Pivar, Vice President of Retail and Consumer Products at Capgemini, and JDA experts as they discuss tangible solutions to end to end promotions and highlight the ROI benefits from deploying a comprehensive promotions solution.

This event will provide a holistic approach to consumer demand-driven promotions, beginning with vendor and retailer collaboration, establishing a marketing calendar and determination of category plans; incorporation of a tailored promotions planning, forecasting and optimization approach to efficiently plan and effectively drive demand that achieves desired business objectives. Discuss seamless integration of promotions planning and supply chain, price and ad execution to successfully deliver promotions to consumers.

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Q: What is tailored promotion?
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