What is subjective feedback?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Subjective feedback is feedback that is biased to the subject at hand. For example, I am a designer. Feedback on my designs cannot be subjective, I.e. Based on a particular point of view. Instead it should be critiqued by an objective audience, one that is open minded and views the art in relation to many other pieces of art.

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Q: What is subjective feedback?
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What is the difference between subjective and objective feedback?

Subjective is opinions and objective is facts.

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yes, distorted feedback obsolete information

How do you answer 'What is good or bad feedback' in a job interview?

Good feedback is specific to the task and offers discussion of how to improve your procedures in performance. It does not discuss your performance on a subjective, personal basis that evokes feelings of guilt. Instead, good feedback describes the expected outcome of the task--how to improve accuracy, for instance. You would include a specific experience. Good feedback is given by someone you trust for your benefit, bad feedback is given by someone that does not have your best interests at heart.

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The types of feedback in the communication process are: Delayed feedback and immediate feedback It must be kept in the mind that feedback is the response to output

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A: Any feedback that contributes to the input is positive feedback any feedback that subtract from the input is negative feedback

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The best option is to ask at the store. It's a very subjective concept, and one that you'll want direct feedback for. The salespeople, if they're knowledgeable about the subject, will be able to help you decide instead of deciding for you.

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