What is steady relationship?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In my opinion a steady relationship is one where both parties have agreed to see each other exclusively and they are both seriously committed to the relationship, to making it work and both are working toward the same goals in the future.

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Q: What is steady relationship?
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What is a relationship characterized by a constant rate?


What does going steady in relationship means?


When is a relationship between a man and women considered steady?

its steady when you guys really know each other

What did going steady mean in the 1950's60's?

Going steady was a relationship status. It meant committing only to each other in a relationship, and not dating other people.

What is goin steady?

Dating. Being in an exclusive relationship with someone.

What is a synonym for move on in a relationship?

date regularly; have a steady relationship with. Synonyms: date, take in, figure, go out, look, reckon, examine, go through, find, view, go steady, get word, meet,

What does it mean when he says he's in for the long haul?

He's reasd for a steady, long relationship

Is being in a committed relationship the same as going steady?

i would say yes, if you are seeing each other on a somewhat constant schedule then you are "going steady" I would agree, just add that 'going steady' was an oldies term, so it means the same thing as 'going out' would today. And that's considered a commited relationship.

What grade is good for a steady relationship?

Grade seven is usually good for a steady relationship. I'm in sixth grade and my first boyfriend asked me out but then dumped me a few days after because the whole grade found out. Fifth no sixth maybe seventh definitely.

Did Sarah Jane smith fall in with love the doctor?

yes deaply in love with him but then they had a steady relationship after

What is the advantage of not having a steady boyfriend?

it helps u figure out what u want in a future relationship

What does Danny ask sandy at the drive in?

It means they are going steady or in an exclusive relationship