What is ssa benefits?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Social Security Administration Benefits.

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Q: What is ssa benefits?
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What is Medicare benefits with no ssa benefits?

without ssa you cannot have medicare benefits

Are unemployment benefits affected by Social Security Disability benefits?

Because the SSA is very stringent about allowing Social Security Disability benefits, you are most likely to not qualify for unemployment benefits because you have to be able to work, which the SSA had to admit you couldn't.

Can a sixty year on total disability get Medicare?

Persons under 65 become Medicare eligible after receiving Social Security benefits for 24 months. To receive SSA benefits, a person under age 65 must be "permanently and totally disabled" as defined by SSA.

Can you file for child tax credits on SSA?

NO. SSA (SSB) social security benefits would be UNEARNED income and would NOT be qualifying earned income on your income tax return for any of the credits.

Can you marry a women overseas if you are on social security disability?

I see no reason why not but if you move out of the country, you may lose your benefits. Contact SSA.

What is the difference between a ssa 303 payment and ssa 310 deposit?

Ssa 303 is your disability monthly ssa 310 is Ssdi

What does the government use fica tax for?

Old age survivors and disability insurance (FICA) is what pays the social security benefits and a part of the medicare insurance premium and other benefits that the SSA handles.

What are your rights for collecting ssa benefits on a ex-husband?

If you had been married to your husband more than 20 years, you should still be able to receive SSI benefits from your exhusband. Check with

If you have been collecting SSI through your deceased mother's benefits for a year because you thought you were entitled and never did paperwork can you pay it back without going to jail?

Even though the penalties that are noted in SSA regulations are "scary" and they do include the possibility of incarceration in a federal facility, it seldom happens in cases of misunderstanding. The problem is how exactly was the person entitled or receiving the supplemental benefits? Were the benefits belong to the deceased or the deceased's dependant children? Was the SSA notified of the death of the beneficiary? All these factors and possibly others directly affect what if any action the SSA will take in regards to the issue.

Can you work for the government and receive ssi benefits?

To get the correct answer and information that you want and need you should contact your local SSA office and ask them this question. You can find some information by going to the SSA gov website SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS ON LINE and then you can choose SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME (SSI) and you might be able to find some information about this matter.

Can a widow with two deceased husbands choose which husband's social security benefits to draw?

Yes, if you qualify for survivor benefits from two different people, you can collect the higher of the two benefits. Generally, the SSA will compare all of the benefits you are entitled to and award you the highest benefit.