What is sour diesel drug?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A certain kind of pot strain (cannabis)

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Q: What is sour diesel drug?
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What is the drug diesel?

different strain or marijuana usually refered too as sour diesel

Drug terminology Sour Diesel Train Wreck?

Well i know sour diesel and train wreck are strands of weed and train wreck is also a street name for the hallucinogenic drug Datura

What drug is related to the question Sour Diesel Train Wreck?

weed. sour deisels a type of weed

What drug is related to the phrase Sour Diesel Train Wreck?


What plant is otherwise known as 'Sour Diesel'?

Sour Diesel is another name of Marijuana, a common strain of this drug. This is illegal to use in most states of the United States at this point in time.

Can you get effed up with sour diesel?

Sour diesel will effe you up. yes.

Is sour diesel a type of marijuana?

It's usually just the name given to someones homegrown strain and they decided to call it that. Or, it really is Sour Diesel and you passed on it. I heard it's a harsh hit (like diesel fuel?) and may also have a sour taste to it (Sour) but it'll blow you away. You'll know if its Sour Diesel.

What is the meanig of smoking sour?

smoking a strain of cannabis called "sour diesel".

What is the worlds best weed?

Sour Diesel

How do you make sour diesel?

sour diesel is a strain, one of my favorites, unless you actually have a hookup for seeds which im guessing you dont, you have to keep buying bags and pray for a seed. you have no chance

Is sour diesel more fire than train wreck of kush weed?


What is the THC content of sour diesel?

It all depends on where the seeds were obtained, how they plants were grown, how long it took the plants to flower, and trillions of other variables. No two harvests ever have the same THC content, however, Sour Diesel tends to be somewhere in the 17%-21% range. Its good stuff, don't waste it.