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These boots help absorb the impact of overreaching,

prevent bruising and scraping of soft tissue.

Bell boots come in many colors that can be matched or provide contrast when used with other boot styles.

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Q: What is something that would help prevent overreaching and thus prevent the horse from injury?
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What is something that would prevent overreaching and thus protect the horse from injury?

use bell boots to stop them from getting injured but to stop them doing this walk your horse forward and then stop it and hit it on the front legs shin also known as the cannon so it walks backwards do this a few times until the horse goes backwords before you tap it on the legs do this once in a while afterwards

What kind of horse tack would prevent a horse form overreaching and thus prevent injury?

I think 'tack' is the wrong word. What you need are boots. They are sometimes called overreach boots or bell boots and are a must for a horse that 'tracks up' to the point that he interferes with himself. The result can be injury to the backs of the front cannon bones, fetlocks or heels which of course you want to avoid at all costs. You can buy these from your local tack or feed store or can order them online from horse supply catalogs.

What is something that would help pervent injury on a horse when riding?

It depends on what kind of injury. Bell Boots would prevent injury to the hooves. So would shoes. And leg wraps would prevent injury to the tendons in the lower leg. But like I said, it depends on what kind of injury you are triyng to prevent.

What would help prevent overreaching and thus protecting the horse from injury?

Habituation and consistency to encourage habituation. Habituation is simply another word for getting a horse used to one or a conglomeration of loud sounds, sudden movements, bright objects, etc., so that they don't over-react, panic and put itself and its rider/handler at risk of injury or worse. Overreaching in a horse is when the horse strikes a front leg with a hind leg it is typically due to conformation and stride length. There is not much that can be done for it other than training the horse to properly move out at each gait and applying overreach or bell boots to the horses legs.

Why do people where horse riding helmets?

To prevent concussions. When you are on the back of a horse they are pretty high off the ground, if you happen to fall and land on your head, then that helmet can prevent a nasty injury. Even professionals make mistakes.

Do you face a horse when you let it loose in a pasture?

Yes you do stand face to face with the horse with your back to the gate when you turn out (let the horse loose in a field) This is to prevent injury to yourself from an exited horse kicking or bucking as runs off.

What is something that will prevent a horse a horse from over reaching?

A horse will over reach because of the way it's built. There is no way to prevent this as it's based on conformation. The best thing to do would be to buy a pair of over reach boots and some bell boots to prevent injuries.

Why use bell boots?

According to Wikipedia, "Bell boots are usually worn to prevent overreaching (when the horse "grabs" his front heels with the toes of his back feet, resulting in injury), or if the horse is wearing Shoe_studs, to protect him from accidentally injuring himself with the stud of the opposing hoof. In some cases a horse with corrective or poor shoeing wears shoes that protrude behind the foot, making it easier for a horse to overreach and spring or completely pull off the shoe. This is most commonly seen when the horse is jumping, working in mud or on a slippery surface, running cross-country, or Longeing, and bell boots can help prevent this from occurring. Bell boots are occasionally worn when shipping a horse, if the bandages or boots used do not provide protection to the heel region, or if a horse tends to pull his front shoes by stepping on them with his back feet. Bell boots are also sometimes used when the horse is turned out, for extra protection or to help prevent him from accidentally pulling a shoe if he is especially exuberant while playing."

Do all ponies get lame?

No, when a horse or pony gets lame, it's caused by either an injury or something else. Not all horses or ponies get lame due to injury, only a few do depending on how serious the injury is.

What is a przewalski horses fur like?

A horse has hair not fur, there is a slight difference in the structure. A Przewalski's horse typically will have a rougher or coarser hair coat than a domestic horse as this helps to shed water, repel insects, and prevent injury to the skin underneath.

Can a horse still jump after recovering from a fetlock injury?

if the injury is completely healed and isn't causing the horse any pain the yes horses can still jump after a fetlock injury.

What causes lameness in a horse?

Injury, normally. The horse could have twisted it or hit it on something, but it could be something more serious. Once my horse was suddenly very lame in one foot and he had an abcess inside his hoof. We had to soak his foot in water and epsom salt every day until it healed.