What is somatization associated with?

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Many times, somatization is associated with psychosocial stress, but can sometimes linger after the stress factors have been resolved. This sometimes leads patients to believe the correct cause has not yet been diagnosed.

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Q: What is somatization associated with?
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Related questions

What does somatization disorder affect?

Somatization affects the gastrointestinal, nervous, cardiopulmonary, or reproductive systems.

What is the difference between hypochondriasis and somatization disorder?

The primary difference between hypochondriasis and somatization disorder is that people manifesting the former are fearful that their symptoms indicate a serious disease(s), whereas those with somatization disorder typically do not progress beyond a concern with the symptoms themselves.

A physical disorder caused by emotional or sycogenic?


How do you cure somatization disorder?

There is no definite cure for somatization disorder, but there are methods that can ease the disorder. Antidepressants and cognitive behavioral therapy (specifically group therapy) are well known treatments.

What is Briquet's syndrome?

Briquet's syndrome-- Another name for somatization disorder.

What is the definition of somatization?

Somatization is the process by which mental and emotional stresses become physical in the form of psychosomatic illnesses. Some experts believe that, as stresses play on the body, the weakest or most prone system becomes the likely target for somatization. Others believe the area affected by somatization has a direct relationship to the nature of the negative thought patterns through mind/body relationships not yet fully understood. Source:

What are some of the symptoms of Somatoform Disorder?

Somatoform or somatization disorder refers to a group of chronic conditions where physical symptoms such as pain and discomfort are present but no organic cause could be identified for them.

Why do you get so scared when drs cant find anything physicaly wrong with you but you hurt so muc?

Only you know why you get so scared when doctors can't find anything wrong with you even though you are in pain. You should explain to the doctor where you are in pain, the severity of pain, and the frequency of pain. You may have a somatization disorder, which is when a person has physical problems caused by psychological problems. However, this doesn't mean that you are psycho or crazy. Discuss the possibility of somatization disorder with your doctor.

What has the author Elsa G Shapiro written?

Elsa G. Shapiro has written: 'The somatizing child' -- subject(s): Conversion disorder in children, Somatization disorder in children, Somatoform disorders in children

What are alternative treatments for somatoform disorders?

Patients with somatization disorder or pain disorder may be helped by a variety of alternative therapies including acupuncture, hydrotherapy, therapeutic massage, meditation, botanical medicine, and homeopathic treatment.

What is the prognosis for somatoform disorders?

prognosis for somatoform disorders depends.on.age and whether the disorder is chronic or episodic. somatization disorder and body dysmorphic disorder rarely resolve completely. Conversion disorder tends to be rapidly resolved, but may recur in.25%

What is associated with inertia?

Inertia is associated with mass

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