What is smear preparation?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A smear preparation is a techniques that is used as a precursor is many different staining techniques.
The smear prep usually calls for the sample bacterium to be placed on a microscope slide (use aseptic technique) with one drop of DI water. Then the slide is allowed to air dry for a few minutes then the slide is passed through a Bunsen burner flame. Use a cloths pin so that you do not burn you hands Only pass the glass microscope slide through the flame not you cloths pin if it is wood it will catch fire. Pass the slide through 3-4 times then you are ready to continue on with your desired staining technique

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Q: What is smear preparation?
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Should you always use sterilized water for smear preparation?

Yes, when you are performing smear preparation, you should always use sterilized water. This will ensure that nothing contaminates your slide.

Why dense smear not a good smear preparation?

A dense smear will make it difficult to evaluate cells, as they may be all "piled up" and hard to evaluate.

What is the effect of a very thin preparation in fecal smear?

no sign from the teacher.

Why a smear preparation is preferred compare to a wet mount?

bcoz a heat-fix smear have a good contrast than the wet mount

Why are thick or dense smears less likely to provide a good smear preparation?

because if too much smear the sample will look to indistinct

Why use dye in preparation of cheek smear specimen?

it makes the organelles of the cells stand out

What happens to Smudge cells in an albumin smear?

Cell fragility causes smudge cells to appear on peripheral smears. Addition of albumin prior to slide preparation essentially coats the fragile cells, thus keeping them intact on smear preparation.

What is another name for a tzanck preparation?

Tzanck preparation is also called a Tzanck smear, herpes stain for inclusion bodies, or inclusion bodies stain.

Is presence of grease or dirt on a glass slide going to result in poor smear preparation?

The smear will not adhere well if there is grease on the slide.

Can a pap smear stop you from conceiving?

A pap smear does not affect your fertility. You are as likely to get pregnant after a pap smear as you are before a pap smear.

What can be observed on a plaque smear wet mount?

difference in plaque smear and yeast smear

What is the abbreviation for papanicolaou smear?

Pap smear.