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there are two types of sleeps theres a heavy sleep and a light sleep

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Q: What is sleep and what are the types of sleep types of sleep?
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What are some types of sleep disorders?

There are several types of sleep disorders. These can include: sleep apnea, narcolepsy, sleep deprivation, insomnia, snoring, restless leg syndrome, and sleepwalking.

What different types of treatment for sleep apnea is there?

There are many types of treatment for sleep apnea. The treatments depend on what the sleep apnea is caused by. The most popular way is to use an oxygen mask.

What are the different types of sleep?

Uhh.. lets see. When you sleep like a little baby, when you can't sleep and when you are too excited to sleep! FIGURE IT OUT!

Where does a monkey sleep?

well there are many types of monkeys but the most common place for them to sleep is in the trees.

Are there different types of erections?

there are three types of erection : Reflexogenic,psychogenic and sleep erection

What are the three types of sleep disorder?

DyssomniasParasomniasMedical or Psychiatric

How many sleep disorders are there?

There are about 19 different types of sleep disorders. Four of the most common types are Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy and Restless Leg Syndrom. You should always consult your doctor if you feel you have a sleeping disorder.

What are the 3 types of sleep apnea?

They are central, obstructive, and mixed.

What sleep cycle does sleep apnea happen in?

There are two primary types of sleep apnea, central and obstructive. The more common of the two, obstructive sleep apnea, associated with obesity, occurs during REM sleep.

Why do some people not remember their dreams?

Research in the area of sleep has revealed that sleep is made up of several distinct states or types of sleep. Dreams occur during only certain types of sleep. If a person is awakened during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, they usually report vivid dreams. It may be that a person who does not remember dreams tends to wake up from a different stage of sleep, long after REM sleep has ended.

Why do welsh corgis sleep a lot?

Types of tissue in human body

What are the types of circadian rhythm sleep disorders?

There are three circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Delayed sleep phase type . Jet lag type . Shift work type

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