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It attempts to make distinctions between the patterns caused by weapons and the damage and wear caused by the environment after death to decipher what happened to a body before and after death

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Q: What is skeletal trauma analysis?
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What things can a forensic anthropologist determine from a skeleton?

The main factors which can be determined from the analysis of skeletal remains are... 1. Age 2. Stature 3. Gender 4. Race 5. Trauma

What causes most injuries to the skeletal system?

Most injuries to the skeletal system result from trauma. For instance, fractures and sprains are usually the result of accidents.

What is bad for the skeletal system?

Lack of calcium; also trauma caused by impact, unsuitable excercise and so on.

What are some threats to the skeletal system?

The main threats to the skeletal system are injuries and trauma. These are most likely to cause fractures, dislocations, and sprains. Malnutrition is also a threat to the strength of the bones.

What are limitations of the skeletal system?

The skeletal system cannot take too much exercise and can cause injuries like fractures especially to young women. It may also not support too much weight which can lead to trauma like back pain.

What has the author Adam Borkowski written?

Adam Borkowski has written: 'Analysis of skeletal structural systems in the elastic and elastic-plastic range' -- subject(s): Elastic analysis (Engineering), Structural frames

What are some causes of a limp?

There are several causes of a limp. Often it is caused by pain, weakness, neuromuscular imbalance or a skeletal deformity. However, the most common cause of a limp is physical trauma.

Can you get disability for radiotracer uptake of the skeletal system?

You can't get disability for radiotracer uptake if the amount is calculated properly and if you drink good amounts of water after the medical analysis.

What muscle tissue is multinucleated?

skeletal muscles

Type of muscle that is voluntary and striated?


What can cause trauma?

What causes trauma

What is the significance of a slightly elevated creatine kinase blood test presumed not cardiac related?

cpk enzymes are found in cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle and the brain, cpk will be elevated 10 to 25 times the normal level following a myocardial infarction, they will also be elevated after a trauma to skeletal muscle and in progressive muscular dystrophy, cpk can be elevated after strenuous exercise.