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when you sneeze on your hand

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Q: What is sharing cups and utensils way to catch germs?
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How catch fevers blisters?

They are typically passed during child hood by being innocently kissed by some one that has a cold sore or fever blsiter (they are caused by the same virus). There is also a small chance of passing them through sharing cups or utensils with some one that has a visible fever blsiter / cold sore.

Are cups and plates household textiles?

No, they are household utensils or crockery.

Is reusing pastic cups safe?

Yes it is as long as it is clean and has no germs in it.

What diseases are spread through sharing cups?

There are many different diseases that could be spread through sharing cups. These diseases could include blood and oral diseases.

Does glass cups carry germs and bacteria?

As long as anything is exposed to air it can be contaminated by microbes. This includes cups and plates.

What cooking utensils can you use to measure capacity?

Preferably designated measuring spoons and cups which are cheap and easily available.

What is a CUPS server?

CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) is a daemon that controls printer drivers, print jobs, and network sharing.

What are cooking utensils made out of?

cooking utensils are tools used in the kitchen to prepare, serving, and/or preparing food. some examples of cooking utensils are 1. liquid measuring cups. Used to measure liquid food example milk 2.dry measuring cups. to measure dry ingredients example flour 3.whisk.beating air into egg whites

How mumps is spread?

So it can be easily spread by direct contact with saliva, like kissing of an infected person and a healthy person, or can also be spread through sharing objects contaminated with infected saliva (e.g. cups, utensils). This virus can also be spread when by breathing in droplets coming from infected persons cough or sneeze fall on a healthy person.

What are percussion instruments in your kitchen that you can use?

Almost everything in your kitchen!! Your counters, floor, spoons, utensils, cups, plates, bowls!You name it!

What are uses of plastic?

Plastic Can be used to make Clothing (Certain Types, Don't quote me on the types) can be re-used to make other things such as:Plastic utensils (fork, spoon, knife)Plastic Plates/ BowlsBottlesCups (EX. Red cups AKA party cups)

Can you heat water in a blue enamel cup?

Yes you can, those cups are great for that. The good ones are made with the same quality as the coffee pots. They make utensils of the same materials as well,