What is selffish?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Selfish is when you think about yourself than you do others.

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Q: What is selffish?
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Is Lebron James the Richest NBA Player?

no hes not selffish

Is Joe Jonas selffish?

of course NOT! why would you even think that????!!!!

How do you day dam selffish in spanish?

damned selfish = condenado egoista (with an accent on the 'i')

What was so significant about the constitution?

it poos on everyone u selffish do ask me this tjings

What are the damages that pigs lice cause?

im a selffish person to you people im not to me so

When a guy complains about girls having visible muscles is it called selfish and sexist?

Very sexist and very selffish, No respect for women at all.

What is a good YouTube channel you can watch?

well, im not tring to be selffish but it is a good youtube channel so here it is MsAmandaa2. hope you like it. p.s. im the hansome one

The affects power failures has on businesses?

Due to power failure our buisness goes down an every time. Out production of things so reduce due to power failure. Many different factories are now close and thousand or Millions of employs are going now unemployed due this power failure. Power Failure is very main problem in our country. Government so selffish. He is not working on this problem. Many country provide the different resources to reduce this situation and also our scientist provide him some Natural resources to reduce this dangrous problem. But our government does want to reduce this probelm because if he use the different contries helps and his natural resources to reduce this probelm his commession is close down which he doesn't want.

How would you describe Elies father in the novel night?

Elie's father in the novel Night is portrayed as a caring and loving parent who tries to protect his son from the horrors of the Holocaust. Despite his declining health and the harsh conditions of the concentration camps, he remains a source of strength and support for Elie. Their bond is tested by the extreme circumstances they face, but it ultimately demonstrates the power of family and love in the face of adversity.

How do you know when you truly have forgiven someone and is it truly possible to forgive and forget?

It depends on the severity of what that person did. I doubt any of us can totally forget some trauma another person has inflicted on us, but, it's highly possible to forgive because I've done it many times. Just because you forgive the person doesn't mean you have to have anything more to do with them. I have this quote posted on my fridge: "If you can't forgive someone then they still have control over you." What it means is, if we can't forgive that particular person it makes us angry is stressful and often we can rehash the problem with this particular person at night as we are waiting to fall asleep (prime time for this!) It can affect your health. It's OK to get angry at first or even feel you detest the person, but, in time, you should learn to forgive and move on. HOW DO I FORGIVE & MOVE ON: As I said it takes time. If the hurt inflicted on you was simply a mistake or the person had good reason (health-wise) and lashed out at you then you need to put the incident into perspective. You have to decide no matter what the reason if this will be an on-going problem with this person and if it is then you need to move on. Once you are done this or even if you've forgiven the person and they've smartened-up time will heal the wounds. Keep busy, be with other more up-beat friends or coworkers. Answer It is possible. In most cases, people don't hurt another intentionally. It can be from someone simply being selffish and inconsiderate of others, lack of good judgment, the inability to resist temptation, not thinking that the incident could be hurtful to you, or they had no choice in a matter that could be hurtful. It's always best to forgive and forget. Like mentioned in the above answer, you can become a prisoner, a victim, of that person's actions. If you truly love someone you can truly forgive and forget. Unless the same person hurts you over and over again, in which case it could be more difficult to forgive I would imagine, you should always make every effort to move past the incident that was hurtful. If you really love that person you must move past the incident and not look back. You must TRULY forgive or it can destroy your relationship. So, yes it IS possible to truly forgive and forget. It depends on the individual who has been hurt and what their character is all about. Some people are not mature enough to do this. I guess others simply do not know how. I would guess there are some out there who will hold a grudge and be filled with resentment towards someone forever. It depends on the circumstances and the people involved. However, I can say from experience, you can truly forgive and forget and remember the good of a person and the love FOR that person.

Why do people cut down trees in Ecuador's rain forest?

Trees in the rainforest are being cut to market the lumber and to clear the land. Those are the two primary reasons. This activity destroys the ecosystem; it transorms into something else. The largest portion of the animals and the plants that lived there and made up that complex web of life will be displaced or simply vanish.To make furniture, cabinets, paper, and anything else that wood makes. It is a cheap and (at the moment) readily available source.People cut down trees to grow crops and for land development. Trees help us have homes, paper, desks, pencils, and more. But you shouldn't cut down too many because trees also do good things to our environment. They give us oxygen to breathe and they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reducing the threat of global warming.Here are some estimated numbers:You need about 8 trees per personThere are about 7 Billion people in the worldWe need about 56 billion trees to surviveThere are around 5 trillion treesabout 5 billion are cut down every yeararound 3.4 billion are planted every yearJust looking at these numbers you can see that sooner or later we will run out of trees. Also these numbers are only for humans to survive, think about all of the other animals in the world. There are also plenty of fires that can burn up oxygen too.Because they use the land for grazing animals (mostly cows) and sell the wood. Farming is a large part of South America's economy and cows require large spaces for grazing to keep up with the demand for meat.