What is s4s?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If its on facebook pages, it means Share4Share

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Q: What is s4s?
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What does S4S mean in decking lumber?

S4S means surfaced on all 4 sides.

What is S4S in construction terms?


What does s4s stand for on Facebook?

It means support for support.

What does S4S mean in the lumber industry?

Square all 4 sides.

What is s4s lumber used for?

Smooth 4 sides. All four sides have been planed.

What does E4E mean in the decking lumber industry?

Eased 4 Edges S4S = Surfaced 4 Sides

How do you s4s on facebook using iPod touch?

Open Safari. Go To The Page On Facebook. And Copy The Web Address & Then Go To Post It. (It Doesn't Give The Blue Link Though) If You Wanna See The S4S's On Your Page, Click All ; Instead Of -Your Page Name Here- (It's Under The Thing That Says 'Share Post')

How much are samsung galaxy s4s?

Check out the new 16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 in White Frost, they range from 49.99 to 299.99.

What does s4s mean slang?

It means Share for Share - you share their pictures, they will share yours.

What is the difference in board feet and linear feet?

Board feet is the unit measure of rough lumber. Linear feet is the unit measure of S4S lumber. (smooth 4 sides)

What is actual length of a standard 6 ft board?

In the US, s4s (surfaced 4 sides) is usually about a half inch longer than the measurement, but rough cut is often 2 inches longer than the measurement.

What does s4s mean?

It means Support for Support. Its usually used by layout sites to help get more users to use their layout code on social networking sites. Lately it has evolved for use by social networkers as a way to add more friends to their friends list. For example, on MySpace someone may post a bulletin promoting another persons page with reasons to add and not add them. In turn the person will return the favor resulting in both acquiring much more new friends or "Add Requests". This process is known as Support for Support (s4s) or W4W.