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Relative confidentiality is secrecy or privacy that is observed up to a certain limit. A good example is when you visit a psychologist, they will guard the information you have shared with them.

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Q: What is relative confidentiality?
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Is confidentiality an absolute term?

Confidentiality is not always absolute. In some situations, such as when there are legal or ethical obligations, confidentiality may need to be breached. It is important to understand the specific context and regulations surrounding confidentiality in each situation.

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An interpreter must sign confidentiality agreements for any company he/she works for stating that in any environment where a client is protected by confidentiality laws, he/she will abide by those confidentiality laws.

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Patient confidentiality is of primary importance to the medical profession. Confidentiality should not be assumed by those students engaging in plagiarism.

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As of 2003, patient confidentiality was protected by federal statute.

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Confidentiality is the assurance that things are not disclosed to unauthorized recipients.