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Relationship Management concentrates on maintaining an effective communication channel between the customer and the organisation, most commonly high value customers, this may involve after-sales. It is important for some organisations to use as a means of customer satisfaction based on the fact that the customer may be there largest customer accounting for 40% of organisation sales, key account management may also be involved.

Personal selling concentrates with directly dealing with the customer and will usually be a lead or prospect and will carry on with follow-up after the sale is complete OR give the account to a relationship management. personal selling can involve door-to-door, phone,e-mail ect , however relationship management

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Q: What is relationship management to personal selling?
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The Main Priniciples of Personal selling are. -Professionalism -Negotiation -Relationship marketing

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It establishes a personal relationship between the customer and the seller.

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in non personal selling the seller does not direct negotiating with the client

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