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What characters? You need to give more information!

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Q: What is psychological relationships exist between and among the characters?
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Derived characters are used to construct a cladogram?

Cladograms determine evolutionary relationships between organisms by examining shared derived characters. A cladogram is simply a diagram that illustrates the relationships among organisms.

What is correlational method?

Correlation method is to examine relationships between variables.Ex: Findings show that a correlation, between optimism and better psychological adjustment among cancer patients.Ex2: Smoking during pregnancy is correlated, unfortunately, with increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in babies.

What is done in situations of ambiguous relationships between people Among the Apache?

Silence is maintained

The differences between the taxonomy of a given group and its phylogeny?

Taxonomy is the science of naming and classifying organisms. It is done by looking at shared characteristics, such as morphological characters, against the background of biological diversity. It also takes phylogenetic relationships and DNA evidence into account.A phylogeny is the evolutionary history of a species or group of species. They separate organisms by evolutionary relationships (clades), based on comparative cytology and the comparison of DNA, morphological characters, and shared ancestral and derived characters.

What has the author Lee Vander Velden written?

Lee Vander Velden has written: 'Relationships among member, team, and situational variables and basketball team success' -- subject(s): Basketball, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Basketball, Small groups, Teamwork (Sports)

Difference between a survey and an experimental research?

Characteristics of the Three Research DesignsResearch designGoalAdvantagesDisadvantagesDescriptiveTo create a snapshot of the current state of affairsProvides a relatively complete picture of what is occurring at a given time. Allows the development of questions for further study.Does not assess relationships among variables. May be unethical if participants do not know they are being observed.CorrelationalTo assess the relationships between and among two or more variablesAllows testing of expected relationships between and among variables and the making of predictions. Can assess these relationships in everyday life events.Cannot be used to draw inferences about the causal relationships between and among the variables.ExperimentalTo assess the causal impact of one or more experimental manipulations on a dependent variableAllows drawing of conclusions about the causal relationships among variables.Cannot experimentally manipulate many important variables. May be expensive and time consuming.

Is it true law is a body of enforceable rules governing relationships among individuals and between individuals and their society?


Diagram based on derived characters?

Derived characters can be used to construct a cladogram. A cladogram is a diagram that shows the evolutionary relationships among a group of organisms. A cladogram is basically an evolutionary tree, much like a family tree.

Relationships among private individuals or companies are governed by?

Relationships among private individual or companies are governed by civil law.

Is Thermodynamics the study of the relationships among heat work and other forms of energy?

Yes this is correct."Thermodynamics is the study of the relationships among heat, work and other forms of energy."

How do living become abiotic elements and then biotic elements again?

it is the study of the relationships among living things and between living things and their environment

What is phylogenetics?

based on natural evolutionary relationships Answer Phylogenetics is the study of the closeness/relatedness of genetic codes.